Let’s find out what Saki, one of the winners, had to say in response to the question “What is it like to be a woman in Cambodia in 2012?”  The essays were not judged on the accuracy of the information, the grammatical structure or being inline with views held by JWOC or myself. I was simply looking for students who had tried really hard to express their views, whatever they were, which is not easy when learning a new language. Jackie, EVM, JWOC.

 Winner of the female aged over 18 category
Cambodia is an old country in Asia continent. This country is being developed all the sectors especially Human Resource.  The government tired to concentrate very hard on Cambodian people especially women. Now these day women and men have equal right. Women can get education, protection and have all rights like men. More over women is protected by International Organization and the organization made on rights called “Women’s right.” The most women have knowledge so they can flee from girl hunter. They are brave, clever, easy to find work than men. They have only two or three children. They know how to delay time for having children and how to care the health and hygiene and they know more that what is the problem when they don’t care about hygiene. 
But unfortunately it hasn’t only advantage. It also has Disadvantage. By the technology run fast so the women don’t think a lot about their tradition. Their attitude is similar to foreigner. They wear short, sexy, their style is really the same Europe or Korean and the color of hair sometime red, yellow, brown… Otherwise the most of like going for a walk at night a lot. All of these don’t follow the rule of Khmer tradition and they make plenty of back stories such as: they loved each other before they get married, become a lady joiner… at previous time women in Cambodia is really gentle, they always respect their parent and tried to help them a lot like house work, care the children. They tried to work hard and never lazy. They didn’t go for a walk a lot because they respected to the Khmer tradition etc.  All these reason is the good activities that we need to follow. But each society always have advantage and disadvantage so that time women were very sad they must work hard for their parent,  the most of them didn’t go to school and have a lot of children maybe eight to ten children for one women. They didn’t know how to care the health, they didn’t have enough right like the boy and only work in the kitchen or in the field. So if someone wants to make bad story with her it is very easy. 
All of these, women or girl in Cambodia in 2012 and at previous time is really different but both of them have advantages and disadvantages. So we must follow on what that good and throw on what make us crazy. It is very good for our country and we can care our culture or something that out hero saved it for us. 
by Heng Saki aged 19
 Saki was thrilled to receive a prize for her entry
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