My name is Saoruo Ko. I was born at Kralanh District, Siem Reap Province.
I really love the education because education is really important for me I can find a good job, good salary, a way from the bad thing, I can support or helping my family and my community in the future as well. Why I am going to the university because I want to develop my knowledge, my career and want to get more experience from my teacher.
Because I am not be able to go to the university without any financial assistance, as I know that JWOC had the project to help the community as my goal and in that time I was thinking my life gonna better if I got that scholarship and it is. I can earned some money to support my self, my family and I can help the community.
JWOC help me a lot as a scholarship students: no need to pay for the university, I can learned more from the short training, get more clear about the information I want to know or develop my skill I know the right way from my sister and brother in JWOC. If I have any problems I can talk to them and it works because I can get many ideas, the way to deal with it. We are not only the team but we are like the family.
JWOC know who I am and they always proposed or support me, remind me what do I want to be in the future and how can I get that. They also had the training about making a plan, time management by all of the short training it help me a lot to achieve my goal.
After I graduated I want to have a good job and good salary for now because in the future I want to have my own business or hotel, especially helping people at my community – that is my big goal. I have my plan at least 10 years to achieve it and going to develop my community.
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