Activities in the Clean Water Project

January 18, 2013

In this post Clean Water Project Manager Seng writes about his experience during the first four months in the role, highlighting JWOC’s work both in schools and in rural villages. 
I am very well and happy working with JWOC for 4 months. There are 19 scholarship students volunteering in my project, 9 students work on Saturday and the others work on Sunday.  Since I have been working at JWOC, I have done activities in two different places, at schools on Saturday and in the villages on Sunday. At school, we have done specialized training to all principals and one teacher of each school, representative of all teachers in the schools and are still providing Hygiene Training to students. 
There are four schools have been done, Krous, Kok Patry, Svay Donkum and Phom Thnol primary schools. There are more than 2000 students having been provided hygiene training. The students, teachers and the principals of schools are welcoming and very happy that because of us they have clean water to drink, enough water using in the class and knowledge of good hygiene practices. Please have a look at some photos of activities and achievements our team has done at school.
Teeth cleaning training
Hand washing training
Distributing hygiene packs and drinking bottles
For the villages, I have worked in three villages. I started at the end of Ta Kam village, doing filters training, and completed the whole village of Pong Ro village. But we cut down some steps of the projects for this village, just providing hygiene training, because we found that there were many wells and filters provided by other organizations after asking the village chief and getting the team to check through the whole village before putting the clean water project. It helps the villagers to know how to care for their health that help improve their lives. 
Now I have been processing the project in Kouk Beng village that is about 9 kilometers from JWOC, to the north. There are 273 households and there are many wells in this village but most of them are broken and the people still lack of good hygiene practice in their lives, maybe because other organizations have not provided them the hygiene training. We have seen three places to install new wells, where the families around are very poor and don’t have enough water to use. Repairing the broken wells will provide much help to the villagers in this village. I hope this village will be much changed after we finish our Clean Water project, because the village chief and the group leaders have been trying hard to help develop their village.
Below are some activities of the villages we have done.
Village hygiene training
Distributing hygiene packs
Well repair training

I am looking forward to writing to you again next time to tell you more about the work with the villages and schools!

To find out more about our Clean Water Project, take a look here-

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