Many of you may already know Somit as he has been with JWOC since 2006 but for new supporters this post is an excellent opportunity to get to know him and learn more about the project he manages- Free Classes.

My name is Somit. I am JWOC Free Class Project Manager. I am not originally from Siem Reap, I am from Kompong Thom province, a central province of Cambodia, but I moved to Siem Reap in 2005 to start my university course. I started working as a full time staff at JWOC in October 2009 but before that I was also a JWOC scholarship student; I got the scholarship in late 2006 and I graduated in 2009.

So far I have been doing well with the the manager job and I’m going to keep my work going well a in order to benefit all those involved in JWOC Free Classes project.

The following paragraphs are an introduction to the Free Classes Project and what we are doing:

Since this project was started until now, it has helped hundreds of people who cannot afford to pay for private school to access to extra classes and vocational skills. Our classes are run during the week and at the weekend and most of the classes are run by our scholarship students studying English major at university and the rest are run by our full time English Teacher and other staff members. Currently we have 35 classes including 9 children’s English classes, a Computer Lab with 7 classes, a conversation class, an art class, a sewing class and 16 adults’ English classes.

We also have a library for children and young adults with many monolingual and bilingual books, which allows students to have reading opportunities and play time. In total we serve around 700 students, so it, of course, makes JWOC very busy, especially at the weekend. The students we help are range from 3 to 30 years old from the villages around JWOC and surrounding districts. Before attending the class, each student is required to pass the ‘poor test’ and level placement test.

JWOC Free Classes Project gives students different opportunities and skills to help with building their future. English regular classes’ students have opportunity to learn English from different books. Pre-intermediate level is the highest English level at JWOC. After they graduate from this level they are able to use their English for English speaking environment job and they have enough English for attending local university. Conversation Class offers free opportunities to everybody who wants to improve communicative English, especially speaking skills, benefiting for their job and career.

Sunday Art Class provides children chances to have fun and create art things so that they can develop their creative ideas. Computer course offers students to learn basic computer skills including English and Khmer typing, MS. Word, Excel and PowerPoint, internet and email. They are able to use these skills in their work and school assignment. The sewing course gives students basic to intermediate sewing skills for their tailoring job and career. This class is for older students and it is usually for men or women who do not currently have a specific skill to support their life or family.

I want to say thank you to all the donors to Free Classes Project, we cannot work without your support.

If you would like to donate to the Free Classes Project,please click here.

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