My first impressions as Free Classes Program Manager

July 13, 2014

Hi my name is Khoeurn and I am the current Free Classes Manager at JWOC. I want to tell you about my experience getting the job and what it means to me.
As life can be changed in minutes, we humans need to be ready for new things. I have got a job which is very interesting and challenging, the Free Classes Project Manager. There are several impressive things about this position.

I remember when I had applied for the job, I had butterflies in my stomach on the interview day. After applying for this position, I was confirmed to be interviewed. There were many good quest ions I have never been asked and I was looking forward to receiving some news from the office. At the end, I was given the job as a Free Classes Project Manager. I was really happy, since graduating with JWOC it has been such an incredible journey.

All the staff here are helpful. They help me a lot. I feel very warm in working and communicating with JWOC. I have learned hundreds of new things from day to day. Moreover, in my team, all the members are friendly, hard-working and strong. We work, help and achieve the same goal. We are running classes together.
All the classes at JWOC are lovely. There are different activities that children can practice to sharpen their skills or talents. The classes are running for everyone who needs help. I appreciate the children classes very much. There a lot of children coming every day. I hope that these children will be ones who develop a small country, my country, Cambodia, in South-East Asia.

Finally, I do love the management team.  They are strong, smart and creative. I am a new member in this team and I want to be strong, smart, creative and conceptual also. I will try my best to lead my team to be strong and valuable. I want to be part of developing and changing my community for the future.

Thank you for reading and good luck for you!

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