In this post Vannak, the new project manager describes working with his first partner village and tells about the new initiative soon to start in the project. To learn more about Vannak take a look here
I have been working for three months with the new village- Antangkun. Specially, I am so glad to learn new things and working with JWOC and moreover I enjoy to see the villagers have enough clean water to improve their health and to gain their basic hygiene knowledge in better future.
In Antangkon village, the people are poor, low of hygiene knowledge and many do not have enough water in the dry season. Most of villagers are farmers. After mapping activity we found there are 108 existing wells including 66 pulley wells, 31 family wells and 11 hole wells.

GPS is used to create a map of  the water sources in the village.

 As the solution, we provided basic hygiene training (hand washing, teeth cleaning) and filter training. In the training activities, they were very happy and they could practice as the correct steps, which we trained them.

Children’s Hygiene Training Session

Sokie and Seng conduct a tooth-brushing training session

Villagers posing with their new filters

We drilled 10 new wells to provide backup water supplies across the whole village and we fixed many existing wells- 58. Then we gave out 678 hygiene packs, and 146 filters for families after the training. Also we did 10 water testing sample from wells and 10 from filters to make sure all beneficiaries use safe drinking water. We will get the results very soon. 

A well in need of repair

Now villagers are very satisfy because they have water for washing and vegetable growing and safe water for drinking.  Wells are located in the center of groups of houses, so they can share with each other if they still lacking of water in dry season or their own pulley wells break. I am very happy and passionate to help and see the big change that our clean water team made by working their best to help beneficiaries. The whole village can change, helped by your generous donation we are working together for sustainable development in the poor communities.
In near future, our Clean Water Project are going to work with primary schools and kindergarten schools in Siem Reap City, in partnership with the MoEYS ( Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport) they is very keen to cooperate with us. I look forward to writing next time to tell you more about the work with the schools.
To learn more about the Clean Water Project, take a look at this page of our website. 
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