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Young people aged 15-30 make up roughly 30% of Cambodia’s population, but many youth still lack the skills needed to be successful in the workplace.  At JWOC, we believe that by partnering with youth and investing in their education, we can close this gap and help them fulfill their potential.

Our Programs

Scholarship Program

We award scholarships that enable gifted youth from low-income families to attend University in Siem Reap by paying for their tuition fees and textbooks. Additionally, at JWOC’s purpose-built Learning Center, we focus on developing soft skills and building capacity to overcome the challenges youth may face in reaching their goals. We also provide a platform for motivated change-makers to tackle social issues to improve their confidence and increase their level of civic engagement.

Better Futures Program

We give current high school students and those who have recently graduated the guidance they need to set or reach their future goals.Through a tailored curriculum of English, Computer, Life Skills, Career Guidance and Youth Leadership, the students graduate from the program equipped with the skills, knowledge and motivation needed to succeed and make informed decisions about whether they want to pursue further education, vocational training, or work.

Recent Blog Posts

Staff corner: Somnang’s 6 months Reflection at JWOC

Staff corner: Somnang’s 6 months Reflection at JWOC

Somnang has experienced working at different NGOs in Siem Reap, where she found out the most interesting job that she loves to do is related to Fundraising, so she applied at JWOC as a Donor Relations Officer and got selected to be part of JWOC’s team in December...

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An update on COVID19 and JWOC’s Cash Transfer Program

An update on COVID19 and JWOC’s Cash Transfer Program

2 weeks ago, JWOC closed our Learning Center once again under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Cambodia.  The team continues to provide ongoing support for our students, which remains our number one priority. We moved back to online...

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