Now and Then: JWOC’s Community Center and Art Class!

May 27, 2016
JWOC’s Community Center is the home of JWOC and has been since 2008, each week hundreds of enthusiastic students in our Free Classes program are given the chance to learn and gain an education at no cost. The Center has four teaching classrooms, library, IT suite and safe and engaging outdoor area for students to play and learn. It is also home to our Scholarship program and office, which is the center of all JWOC operations throughout Cambodia. 

Without the Community Center JWOC would not have been able to reach nearly half of those within our Community to give them the educational opportunities and hope for them and their family for a better and more prosperous future. As we look back at our achievements in our 10th year of serving the community, we want to share some pictures taken when the Community Center was first commissioned in 2008 just to show you how far we have come thanks to your support.

We invite you to continue your support and generosity as we continue to work with Cambodia’s poorest to give them and their families a brighter future.

Top: Land before construction  starts, looking out from JWOC’s office entrance.
Bottom: Children are given the option to play with outdoor equipment and sports after class.

Top: Land was cleared for construction you can see the current office (original building) in the background.
Bottom: A small playground provides shade from the heat. Classroom A & B (to the left) are the largest in JWOC, and can accommodate 25 students per class. 
Top: Seen from JWOC’s entrance, digging has started for the foundations of the building.
Bottom: Hundreds come to learn in our Free Classes program each day, but they must leave their bike at the entrance. They are watched over by our Caretaker Sokha, who has worked with us since the opening of the Center.
Top: Work begins on building classrooms A and B. Foundations are being dug and prepared.
Bottom: As well as classroom A and B, students have access to a toilet and wash facility (center) and hand-wash station (left). Each student must wash their hands before class and receives Hygiene training each term. 
Top: Foundations are set for classroom A and B.
Bottom: Students wait for their English class outside classroom B; they must wait outside until the teacher is ready and in lines of boys and girls.

Top: A group participates in the first ever Art class at JWOC! They were read books in English and Khmer.
Bottom: The same space in JWOC is now used regularly for students (Scholarship and Free Classes) to study and socialize.
Top: Children from the first Art Class are read a book in story-time.
Bottom: JWOC offers regular Library and Art classes now held in our library, students are creative and make many wonderful things.
Top: The first ever circle time takes place at JWOC’s Community Center!
Bottom: JWOC now offers a monthly Art in the Community that offers all children in the local community the chance to get creative at a local pagoda.

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